Lynda Colley Originals


Lynda is a Self representing artist currently creating Totally Unique Recycled Glass and Resin Seascapes (some with LEDs  inset), she works predominantly in resin and/or acrylic to produce abstract art from her imagination, her emotions and moods or simply from following a particular process to see what ensues.

Lynda has relatively recently taught herself to draw and constantly amazes herself at her progress; she has a love for animals and in particular wants to bring attention to wild/ endangered and illegally trafficked wild animals, the eyes are said to be the windows to the soul...... Lynda says "it is the eyes that call to me.....I love to try and capture the life in the eyes."

Lynda's art is an emotional release for her, it got her out of a bad place a number of years ago and continues to be her place to go for personal salvation.

Lynda is a 59 year old Nana and has been married for 36 years, her long suffering husband is one of her greatest supporters and often accompanies her to art festivals and art fairs. They have a new grandson who loves to simply stare at Lynda's paintings when he visits.

Lynda has a small garden studio (well, a done up potting shed) where she can go to just 'be', it is 'her' space, she can work from her emotions her own energy without interruption if she so chooses.

Lynda happily takes commissions for both her drawings and her abstract art so please contact her for details.
Lynda's work can be seen on her Etsy shop Lynda Colley Originals her website or on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Lynda Says "Having always possessed a strong creative streak, I've tried my hand at many artistic pursuits in the past, including watercolour painting. While it is an art form I greatly enjoyed, I wanted to find an outlet that allowed for less rigidity and more expression, which is why I turned to abstracts. I'm a self-taught artist and enjoy learning and experimenting with new techniques every time I'm in the studio.

My art is very much based on feeling – of being drawn to a particular colour, wanting to reflect a certain mood, or creating my own interpretation of an event, location or image. I love to use rich, vivid colours and create textures that make my work tactile and inviting. Recently, I've begun working on much larger canvases; I love the excitement of receiving a new, blank canvas and seeking the inspiration to fill it with vibrancy and life.

It makes me incredibly happy to know others find my work enjoyable and thought-provoking; hopefully, whether displayed in the workplace or home, it gives people a chance to break away from routine and delve into their own imaginations, or simply take a little more joy from their surroundings."

Recent and upcoming Exhibitions, Art Fairs and Art Competitions


December 2nd 2017 (1 day only) - Art in the Street, Maidenhead, Berkshire.

November 25th 2017(1 day only) - ANB (Artists network Bedfordshire) Ampthill

October 2017 - Light, Space, Time online Art Gallery/ Seascapes 2017 Competition - Awarded 3rd place overall, with Special Merit and Special Recognition Awards for 3 pieces

June 3rd 2017 - Wokingham ArtFest (1 day only)

May 27th - 29th incl - Mentmore Art Festival 2017, Mentmore Church and Village Hall, Mentmore, Bedfordshire.